Career Development Events- CDE's

Career opportunities abound within today’s agriculture industry. Career Development Events (CDEs) help students develop the abilities to think critically, communicate clearly, and perform effectively in a competitive job market.

   For 9th
graders who are interested 
   in reciting the FFA Creed written 
   by E.M. Tiffany.
   A 10th grade competition for 
   students who can speak freely
   about agriculture topics as well as
   leadership and FFA.
Prepared Public Speaking-
   Students of any grade are able to
   sharpen their speaking skills by
   preparing a 6-8 minute speech on a
   relevant agriculture topic and
   answering questions on their topic.
Extemporaneous Speaking-
   A contest for students that are
   extremely informed about agriculture
   and who constantly research new
   ideas and studies. Students give a 4-6
   minutes speech based on a 30 minute
   preparation time.
Job Interview- 
   Intended for juniors and seniors, this 
   on test allows students to acquire real
   world interview practice by applying 
   or a job, creating a cover letter and 
   résumé and then interviewing with a
   panel on the given job.

Parliamentary Procedure-

   A contest where 6 members are evaluated on their ability to conduct an efficient meeting using parliamentary procedure. They are judged on their knowledge of parliamentary law, and their ability to present logical, realistic, and convincing debates and motions.

Speaking Contests


Agriscience Fair- The objective of the Agriscience Fair is to recognize students in agricultural science who are pursuing an academically challenging course of high school study that focuses on the application of scientific principles, research, and emerging technologies in an agricultural subject area.

Best Informed Greenhand- First year high school FFA students will take a multiple choice test on their knowledge of the FFA, an integral part of California agricultural education in high schools.

Light Horse Judging- This contest consists of evaluating 8 classes of Halter and Performance Horses.  Students shall also present two sets of oral reasons. This contest emphasizes the understanding of horses and their functionality based on type and structure.

Marketing Co-ops- Students study the operational guides of cooperatives and their uses in the agriculture industry. Students take a test based on their knowledge of cooperatives.

Vet Practices- Students demonstrate knowledge veterinary practices through knowledge exams of animal vitals, breed identification, common tools and uses as well as a hands-on practicum exhibiting skills that would commonly occur in a veterinary office.

CDE Teams