Agricultural Biology is a laboratory science course. Using agriculture as the vehicle, the course emphasizes the principles, central concepts and inter-relationships among the following topics: the molecular and cellular aspects of life, the chemical and structural basis of life, energy of life, growth and reproduction in plant and animal genetics, and ecological relationships among plants, animals, humans and the environment.

Sustainable Ag Biology

 This course is designed for advanced study of agriculture business opportunities and economics for students with an interest in agriculture by incorporating agriculture into the principles of economics, business management, employability, and marketability of agricultural products.  This course will help students understand and apply basic economic principles as they relate to individual consumers, production agriculture, and agribusiness management.  Life skills such as resumes, job applications, interview skills, accounting, and college and scholarship applications will be included.

Ag Business & Marketing

This yearlong course is designed to engage students in experiential activities which further their personal development and premier leadership skills. The curriculum consists of integrated performance activities that will assist in the development of critical thinking, extemporaneous speaking, conflict resolution, consensus-building and group communication abilities. Written and oral skill development will be emphasized through individual and collaborative projects. Students will also be required to maintain an ongoing portfolio to showcase skills and experiences.

Ag Leadership

Farm to Table is a hands-on agriculture production class with a foundation in culinary arts. Students will learn basic principles of plant physiology and function, soil science, food production and processing with an emphasis in local production and marketing of products. Topics of comparative food systems, food microbiology, economics and marketing will also be stressed.

Farm to Table



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Anatomy & Physiology

This college preparatory laboratory science course is designed for students with educational and career interests in agriculture and provides students with an in-depth study of both animal and plant sciences. Focusing on the anatomy and physiology of both kingdoms, students will be exposed to systems both inside and out while reinforcing biological sciences. It meets all of the state adopted standards for biology and receives ‘D’ lab science credit for UC entrance.


Plant Science

This course focuses on all plant varieties and their uses. Other topics to be covered include scientific method and experimentation, FFA, plant heredity and breeding, diseases, greenhouse maintenance as well as uses of plant species. This  college preparatory course provides elective credits.
This class is also articulated with Santa Rosa JC and students can qualify for credits by exam upon completion.